dAlbertis Gee Bee R1

“Gee Bee R1”-Watercolor  © Michael A. d’Albertis 1995

This watercolor rendition of the Granville Brothers (Gee Bee) R-1 Super Sportster racing aircraft flown by Jimmy Doolittle in the 1932 Thompson Trophy air race was commissioned by a pub owner whose business was located near the Colorado Springs regional airport.  The pub had a very heavy aviation theme, and the owner was looking for original aviation art to display in it.

This creation was my first attempt at producing detail with the watercolor medium.


dAlbertis Bell X-1

“Bell X-1”-Ink stippling  © Michael A. d’Albertis 1994

The Bell Aircraft X-1 was flown by U.S. Air Force Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager on October 14, 1947.  Captain Yeager “broke the sound barrier” that day with a speed of Mach 1.06 (700 miles per hour), making the X-1 the first aircraft to fly faster than the speed of sound.

This ink stippling attempts to convey the feeling of that event as a new aviation frontier was “smashed” open on that date.


Aerospace Plane- d'Albertis

“Aerospace Plane”-Ink stippling  © Michael A. d’Albertis 1993
This art piece portrays an aerospace vehicle similar to the X-30 National Aerospace Plane (NASP).  The X- 30 was intended to be a single stage to orbit (SSTO) winged orbital launch vehicle; however, the X-30 was cancelled and superceded by the X-33 project.
The X-30 did not employ an external fuel tank and set of reusable boosters as the space shuttle to attain earth orbit, but used supersonic combustion ramjet (SCRAMJET) engines complimented by internal rocket propulsion to reach orbital velocity.